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Watch over the air

Setting up is easy!

Watching FREE TV is as simple as 3 steps

Set up your indoor or outdoor antenna and connect to your television set via coaxial.
Follow your on-screen menu to scan for over the air channels and finish setup
Tune to Channel 31.1 thru 31.15 and enjoy KVMD TV for FREE!

What you will need to experience KXLA-TV

HDTV for the best picture quality

HD Antenna for local channel access

Locate the nearest KVMD Transmitter

Do I need an indoor antenna or an outdoor antenna?

You will first need to determine how far you are from the video signal (see map below)

Depending on your distance from one of the starred locations. Choose an indoor antenna if your close to one of the starred locations. Choose an outdoor antenna if you are far from on one of the starred locations. Typically for both indoor and outdoor antennas, you will have to point in the direction of the the starred location you are closes too.

Los Angeles viewers will point their antennas toward Mt. Wilson where most broadcasters towers are located at.

Antennas with Great Reviews:

What is Channel Scanning?

Channel scan also known as auto scan. Your TV needs to scan for channels before it can show programming from an antenna, from cable TV when the cable comes directly from the wall (no cable box), or from a cable or satellite box connected to the TV with a coaxial (RF) cable.

Older Television sets might have to rescan from time to time to regain channels that have been lost.

How to rescan your antenna TV?

Select Scan or Autotune from your TV or converter box control menu to start the scanning process.Your TV will do the rest. This process usually takes a few minutes to complete.

Once your rescan is complete you will still find your favorite stations on the same channel number as before. If you have rescanning difficulties, you can usually find instructions by selecting the Set-Up or Menu button on your television or converter box remote control.

Still having issues? Consult the TV or converter box owner's manual for detailed instructions on how to run a channel scan, or contact customer service for your TV or converter box manufacturer.

KXLA TV is Free

Watch your favorite KXLA channels without the monthly bill. Just add an HD antenna to your TV to access top sporting events, shows, news and more in HD.

Point your antenna to your nearest KXLA Transmitter tower for best signal.

Need Additional Assistance?

Contact our KXLA staff. We are ready to answer any of your over-the-air questions you might have.

Send us an email using our form below, include Name, zip code and if you are using an indoor or outdoor antenna.